Simon Baxter is a woodland photographer based on the edge of the North York Moors.

Simon discovered the woodland as a place of solace after a back injury. Chronic pain led him to get a labradoodle called Meg in 2014. Walking Meg ultimately took him back to the woods with a camera in hand.

Simon strives to craft images which do justice to the woodlands that continue to benefit his well-being.

In his dedication to share images which express his love and gratitude for trees and their fascinating homes, Simon has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading woodland photographers.

UK photographer Sean Tucker


Chloe has always had a passion for writing. She completed an MA in creative writing and has had short stories and poems published. Too Dark To See is her debut novel.  Alongside her writing, she teaches creative writing and English literature. 

Chloe believes everyone is capable of writing. Everyone can use language to craft, create, and cajole meaning into being. It is our birthright to use language and to make it ours.

“Words give me confidence and help me fly. Let’s use our words to change the world.”


Chloe Heuch


Joe Cornish is based in North Yorkshire and has devoted the last four decades to landscape photography, primarily in the north of England and Scotland. 

Joe seeks to translate a sense of connection with the natural world through the careful study of its texture and colour, space and light. Joe is a renowned thinker on the role of photography, especially in environmentalism. He has  dedicated his efforts to drawing attention to the beauty and vulnerability of the natural world. 

Photographer Joe Cornish


Instinctively attracted to creative techniques such as ICM, multiple exposure and smart phone art, Lesley uses her photography to explore and express her connection to the landscape. She is passionate about the mental health benefits of being in nature and uses smart phone photography as a mindfulness tool for freeing up creativity and reconnecting with the natural world.

Photography retreat leader Lesley Lintott


Festival organiser and lover of inspiring creativity amongst others. Margaret will be around leading outdoor workshops with others and making sure everyone is suitably inspired and happy!

Photographer and creative retreat leader Margaret Soraya


Carien Borst is an artist specialising in intuitive mixed media oil paintings and landscapes of the soul. Inspiration for her paintings is found in being outdoors. 

After a leadership career in mental health care and educated as an art therapist, she chose a new path in life. She followed her heart to make room for a life filled with creativity and art. She will provide a beautiful warm and easy space for those to try out art in a free, expressive way. Open to all, Cariens has a special talent for encouraging and supporting others to try painting and removing any pressure. Carien will host drop in art sessions in the yurt each morning. 

Carien Borst