Sean Tucker is a photographer, filmmaker, author, and speaker based in the UK.

He has told visual stories for individuals, NGOs and multinational corporations across more than 20 countries. As a solo filmmaker and photographer, Sean has travelled many hours to create work with a meaningful message. He has also helped organisations set up in-house studios and taught them to tell compelling visual stories.

In recent years, he has created a popular YouTube channel to inspire other creatives and has written and published a book sharing his philosophy for a creative life.

UK photographer Sean Tucker


Ellis O’Connor is a contemporary landscape artist working in the field of painting and drawing, who lives on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

The dynamic energy to be seen in the paintings are Ellis’ response to observed changes in the landscape; ‘the movement and rhythms of the sea and the land … the merging of sea with air, advancing rain and mist, ever changing light – elements that seem to be about something intangible.’

She creates her art to enable people to connect with the landscape and nature, deepening their understanding of it and inspiring others to make a difference.

Ellis O'Connor


Christina is a Creativity and wellbeing coach with a background in writing, photography and theatre arts. A lifelong learner, she is studying a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology while chasing words and wonder along the way. She helps folks carve out time for creativity, boost well-being and cultivate self-belief.

Christina Golian


“Photography has changed my life and I live to create. I believe my enthusiasm and passion for photography shown within my work and videography needs to be shared and to hopefully inspire others. For my own personal reasons, photography is a spiritual and wonderful way to keep myself connected to nature and express myself via this amazing medium.

I started the content creator road on YouTube, making predominately landscape photography videos and the success of this has given me the momentum to start printing my own work and run my own website and podcasts. My photography can be quite eclectic and I love to experiment, play and express myself from camera to the final image”.


Photographer Mali Davies


Chloe has always had a passion for writing. She completed an MA in creative writing and has had short stories and poems published. Too Dark To See is her debut novel.  Alongside her writing, she teaches creative writing and English literature. 

Chloe believes everyone is capable of writing. Everyone can use language to craft, create, and cajole meaning into being. It is our birthright to use language and to make it ours.

“Words give me confidence and help me fly. Let’s use our words to change the world.”


Chloe Heuch


Kim is a nature photographer, online presenter and podcast host, who specialises in inspiring people to connect with nature through the art of photography.
A former nurse, Kim’s passionate about sharing the positive benefits that creativity and spending time outdoors can have on our wellbeing. 


Chloe Heuch


Joe Cornish’s obsession with photography started as a fine art student. After graduating in 1980, he worked as an assistant in Washington DC and then in London before becoming a full-time photographer in 1984.

Later, he joined Charlie Waite’s now legendary photo library, Landscape Only. As travel and commercial printing boomed during this period Joe became an innovator in colour travel and landscape photography, contributing to numerous books, book covers, magazines and articles.


Photographer Joe Cornish


Instinctively attracted to creative techniques such as ICM, multiple exposure and smart phone art, Lesley uses her photography to explore and express her connection to the landscape. She is passionate about the mental health benefits of being in nature and uses smart phone photography as a mindfulness tool for freeing up creativity and reconnecting with the natural world.

Photography retreat leader Lesley Lintott


Mark Kirkland has a love of scuba diving, snorkelling and creates the most wonderful underwater photography from the Scottish coastline.

Photographer Mark Kirkland


Photographer Justine Ritchie is based in the north-west highlands of Scotland, working in a mindful, intuitive, and immersive way. Justine is a certified Forest Bathing Guide.

Justine Ritchie


Rachael Talibart is a professional photographer with a particular interest in the sea and the coast it carves. Her critically acclaimed photographs have been featured in the press all over the world. Rachael is represented by galleries in Europe and the USA, her work is frequently exhibited and her limited edition prints are collected internationally. She is the author of three monographs, including Sirens, Tides and Tempests, and she writes for photography magazines.

Rachael Talibart


Festival organiser and lover of inspiring creativity amongst others. Margaret will be around leading outdoor workshops with others and making sure everyone is suitably inspired and happy!

Photographer and creative retreat leader Margaret Soraya


Adrian Beasley is an editing and printing nerd from Devon with a soft spot for black and white. Adrian is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

Photographer Adrian Beasley


Lisa lives in the north of Scotland and creates calming art with textures of Caithness Stone.

I was surrounded by the county’s flagstone, its heritage, and the vast landscape composed during its formation. I see sky, sea and land upon the weathered surfaces of Caithness stone.  I create digital artworks using photographs of stone captured from various sites including harbours, beaches, paving slabs and even ancient standing stones.

Connecting with the natural environment is my therapy. Through my work, I aim to encourage deeper connections between people and the therapeutic qualities of their surroundings.

Lisa Poulson


Edinburgh-based Cass Barron is passionate about creativity, community and re-purposing everyday materials to create unique and usable books. Cass specialises in book binding workshops and creative classes.

Bookbinder Cassandra Barron


Carien Borst is an artist specialising in intuitive mixed media oil paintings and landscapes of the soul. Inspiration for her paintings is found in being outdoors, seeking solitude, being in and around the sea and ocean.

After a leadership career in mental health care and educated as art therapist, she chose a new path in life. She followed her heart to make room for a life filled with creativity and art.

Carien Borst


A landscape photographer with a real passion for Scotland, teaching and guiding others in the outdoors. James has a warm, friendly approach to sharing his knowledge with others.
Photographer James Kelly